What are the differences?

Scientific Quantum Physics belongs to the Big Bang Theory of Chaos Creation. It belongs in the universities. Their definition of Quantum is the smallest physical part of the universe.

Spiritual Quantum Physics belongs to us the average man/woman. It gives us the Divine Blueprints of the Creator God (Grand Architect of the Universe). Our definition of Quantum is that the soul is the individual smallest part of the universe. There is no physical reality unless the soul experiences it.

Our souls we can co-create our own realities. We can attract more wealth, health and love into our life and the lives of our loved ones.

When I sit here at my desk writing I look out the window. I see the beautiful sky, green trees and lovely flowers.

I choose to believe that there is a Divine Creator God who has created all this beauty. I choose not to believe, as they do in the Universities, that what I see was all created accidentally by some force of Chaos.

I will share these ideas with you now, on my website.

P.S. I am a 70+ retired College Math Professor and Bell Laboratories Engineer. I am well versed in the Theories of Quantum Physics.

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