Past, Present & Future


Since I am interested in both the study of Norse Shamanism and Quantum Physics; I am always looking for parallels between the two. I specifically want to focus today on the Norns in the religion of the North.

The simplistic definition of the Norns is that they were goddesses of fate who live by the well of Urd, or Wyrd. An accepted description is also that they represent the three aspects of time: past, present and future. They shape the fates of everyone according to the decrees of "orlog," cosmic law. Thier names are Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

Urd is the oldest and most powerful of the Norns. She rules the past. Verdandi is the second Norn and she controls the present. Skuld is the youngest of the Norns and rules the future. And it has been speculated that the other two Norns are in fact aspects of "Urd" herself. Consensus of thought is that it is not unlike the Wiccan's "Triple Goddess."

The well of Urd, Wyrd has also been identified with the Well of Mimir, which is the well of all collective memory and origin. Mimir's name even means memory.

In Quantum Physics we are taught that every thought that ever was is contained in the "Quantum Ocean." This would be much the same as the Hindu Philosophy of the Akashic Record, where all knowledge is contained. It is not far to stretch one's imagination that the Well of Wyrd or Mimir is in fact one in the same as the "Quantum Ocean."

In Quantum Physics we learn that there is in fact no linear time, ie. past, present and future. That there is only the Now to create our reality in. And that we really only live in the Now. Not the past or the future.

The Norns often explained as representing "past, present and future" is in fact a misconception. The "idea" of a linear timeline which was inherited from the Greeks and Romans is not triple. But is dual in nature. For our forefathers had only one idea of time, "that which is." They lived only in the "NOW." This is where the oldest and youngest layers were all in existence simultaneously. One was just as close and real as the other. There is the current moment, and "That which is becoming."

There was no idea of the "future." Statements of Wyrd, the Now, were seen with wisdom that knows the affect of an existing cause.

In both Quantum Physics and Magic if you consider the past as part of the present; one can then alter the past by shaping the emotional and vibrational frequencies that then shape one's future.