Whenever one decides to take a journey a Good map of the territory to be travelled is needed.

Our Ancient Northern European ancestors knew that life on Earth (Midgard) was lived for one purpose. For us to make our individual journey to Asgard.

There has never been a clear map of where Asgard is, or where the road that leads to it is located.

For all of us Northern Europeans who are struggling to find our way back to the roots of our Ancestral Soul, we need a perfectly clear and well defined Map of Creation.

We need to bypass all the detours and pitfalls placed in our way by the limited cosmology of Christianity and materialistic science.

Now that we are in the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics we have the perfect tool needed to create a better Map of Creation.

Following is my abstraction of the creation of the Creator God. Each Northern European seeker for truth should take the time to create in his/her mind an abstraction of what they think the creation map should be.

One by one we are born (‘blinked out’ of the Mind of God); one by one we live and experience life on Midgard; and one by one we ‘blink back’ into the Mind of God to prepare for our next incarnation.

Our thoughts are things and we use them to create our individual realities. The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us to use thoughts to think bigger. We need to use our thoughts to build our own realities or be trapped in the reality of someone else’s thoughts.

Millions of our Northern European kindred are trapped in the reality of Christianity which was created by the thoughts of Constantine.

Let us break free and use our thoughts to rebuild and strengthen a reality more harmonious, natural and congruent to the reality of the Creator God, and not the Christian God.

Let us begin by sitting comfortably in our favorite chair and meditating and visualizing a more natural reality of Creation.

Remember Spiritual Quantum Physics tells is that a mental picture or a photo of an automobile is as real as the physical automobile itself.

Therefore the mental picture of creation you build in your mind will be as real as creation itself.

This whole meditation is about building and visualizing infinite spheres within infinite spheres.

Don’t try to logically understand how several infinite spheres can exist together and separate at the same time. It is the same as trying to understand how we can exist in the Mind of God and on the physical plane at the same time.

Our finite mind is not capable at this point in our evolution to understand the Infinite (Mind of God).

So just let us faithfully follow the instructions of my ole Army drill sergeant when he bellowed “Just do it!!!”

We do the mental visualization over and over and over till we get closer and closer to an intellectual understanding of the Infinite.

Visualize an infinite sphere with no beginning, no ending and a center that is everywhere at the same time. This is the sphere of the ‘Mind of God’, the All! By the definition of infinite nothing can possibly exist or be outside this infinite sphere for there is no outside.

Within this infinite sphere there is another infinite sphere we will call the “Universe.’ Within this infinite sphere we call the “Universe” is an infinite number of other spheres called “Galaxies.”

Within the infinite sphere of “Galaxies” there is one Galaxy we know called “The Milky Way.” Within this Galaxy there are an infinite number of “Solar Systems” with orbiting planets.

Our Solar System consists of nine planets (Sun included).

Now visualize our little Earth as just a small infinitesimal planet orbiting around our Sun, which is orbiting around our Galaxy which is orbiting around in the infinite vastness of the Universe.

I want to try and help you build a visualization of the vastness of the creation of the Creator God. As human beings we live, move and have our physical being as part of a small thin film of organic life that covers the surface of the planet.

We can indeed become much, much more. We are Gods in the making. The path to becoming more god-like, till we eventually become gods is what we call the Path of Asatru.

Our Gods and Goddesses, who exist in Asgard which is part of our Northern European reality, are there to guide us and show us the way. It is the path they have taken from Midgard to Asgard.

How can any thinking, intelligent man/woman believe that their religion is the “Only” religion in this infinite, complex structure of spheres within spheres called creation? The pope and the Christians do!

It is time for them to get an Ego check and let go of the fear inducing dogma they use to keep humanity in slavery to their beliefs.

How many different gods/goddesses are there in the different solar systems? The different galaxies? The Universe?

Who are the Gods the Klingons pray to?

Therefore it all boils down to a matter of free choice and at this stage in the evolution of the Northern Europeans we chose Asatru.

The reason we ‘blinked out’ of the Quantum Ocean (Well of Mimir), Mind of God into this solar system on this planet Earth is because this is the exact resonant frequency that matches our present level of consciousness.

As we raise our level of consciousness we will experience more and more of the “All” till we match the frequency and consciousness of the “All” and then we will be GOD!