We were born to create not compete



“Change the idea of a thing and you change the thing. It’s that simple.” Dr Ernest Holmes.

The essence of mankind is not to compete but to create.

You are a unique soul that has blinked out of the Infinite Soul called the Mind of God to do the work only you can do!

The Universe has created no other person like you to do what you must do. Only you can do it or it won’t get done.

You are important in the Mind of god and your job is to make yourself feel just as important in your own mind.

Only you can use the Divine powers in the infinite Quantum Ocean that are yours.

The Divine Mind of God made each one of us unique. Competition attempts to make us alike. Competition casts all humanity into the same mold. The same size nine shoe. It is not our true spiritual path.

Creativity makes each one of us an individual part of God’s Mind. This is our true path.

Competition exists on the material plane where you fall into the trap of not wanting to be different, but wanting to be the same, as others, only better.

Creativity helps you build a world all your own. Conformity and competition are death kneels to the spirit. Creativity and non-conformity are an expansion into cosmic understanding.

Your security in life depends entirely on your recognition of your Divine nature. You’re potential to become a God yourself.

Money, home, insurance policies and position in life are puffs of smoke on the wind. There are neither banks in the hereafter nor pockets in a shroud (coffin).

All the things of the physical world change. The only infinite is your relationship with the Infinite Mind of God. Your own individual manifestation of the Universal Mind of God, only that is changeless.

Your own recognition of this great truth will provide you with more security than you ever dreamed of.

This is the key to attainment. It will flood you with creative energy and fill your life with success, accomplishment and vigor.

Nietzsche was right: “We Are Gods!”