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It is time to take a look at esoteric astrology. Our human body has had an immense period of evolution. We are in a slow process of gradual up building which is still continuing and which will make each generation better.

As we rotate through each new 2000 year cycle we are presented with a new energy which helps us evolve. The Age of Aquarius now floods the planet and all its inhabitants with the powerful energy of Uranus.

Whether we work with this powerful energy consciously or not it will initiate great changes in each of us as well as humanity as a whole.

It is time to get a better understanding of our finer vehicles and our inner organs which will feel the effect of the energies of Uranus.

Let us start with the astrological correspondence of our ductless glands. They are under the ruler of the life-giving Sun and the Great Benefic Jupiter.

Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that ALL is alive and ALL is connected. The Sun and Jupiter are alive and they are connected spiritually to our glands.

We must now carefully note that our individual glands are also under the ruler ship of other planets as well.

There are seven ductless glands that the ancient occultists called “the seven roses.”These seven ductless glands are:

The Pituitary Gland, ruled by Uranus

The Pineal Gland, ruled by Neptune

The Thyroid Gland, ruled by Mercury

The Thymus Gland, ruled by Venus

The Spleen, ruled by the Sun

The Two Adrenals, ruled by Jupiter

The Thymus gland, the Spleen and the two Adrenals are connected and effect our emotions. The Pituitary body and the Pineal gland are correlated with the spiritual side of our nature. The Thyroid gland forms the link between.

The Spleen is the entrance gate of the solar force which circulates through our body, without which we cannot live. It is governed by the Sun. The two Adrenals, under the ruler ship of Jupiter exert a calming, quieting effect on our emotional nature. Venus and her higher octave Uranus, govern the functions of nutrition and growth.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius whose energies work through the Pituitary body. This Age will aid awakened man in his efforts to penetrate the veil into the invisible worlds.

No one can really and truly observe the physiological functions of any organs under such conditions as exist in the laboratory, on the operating table, or in the dissection and vivisection chambers.

To get an adequate understanding one must see these organs exercising their physiological functions in a living body, and can only be done by spiritual sight.

Now, in the Aquarian Age the Sun will begin to transmit highly intellectual vibrations which will increase our intuitions, premonitions, and telepathic transmissions. This will be done by the awakening of the Pituitary ruled by Uranus.

Welcome to the New Age.



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