The Power of the Universe


The Combination of a God force, Grand Architect, Creator God, (or what have you) and Quantum Physics is what I use to describe the new paradigm of the Age of Aquarius.

This new paradigm has been named the Laws of Quantum Physics. The academics, scientists and materialists who dictate much of what the masses of people believe have once again claimed exclusive rights to this new paradigm.

But this time it does not matter. They have left out the one ingredient in their formulas that takes all the power away from their writings and research.

That ingredient is the Creator God. Without the Creator God, I would not have the power to lift this pen and write this article.

The truth of reality that far surpasses the axioms, postulates and theories of materialistic scientists and their “Big Bang Theory,” is that we live, move and have our being within the Mind of God.


If the Mind of God did not exist we would not exist. Therefore, since I know that I exist, I know that there is a Creator god who is the cause of all existence. The Creator God is the power with which I am conscious. I, the planets, the Sun, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe itself are the effects of the thinking of the Mind of God.

Man did not create God, nor did he create the planets, Sun, Solar System, Galaxy or Universe. Nor are they a figment of man's mind. They are all part of a Divine Plan.

The ancient Brahmans said that when God breathes out (2 billion years) creation takes place. In terms of God Force and Quantum Physics creation 'blinks out' of the Quantum Ocean.

When God breathes in creation disappears or 'blinks back' into the Quantum Ocean.

It is no different for the individual soul who continually 'blinks out' and 'blinks in' the Quantum Ocean with each successive incarnation.

The only purpose for the 'breathing out' of the Creator God is to set up a matrix, a playing field where everything from a one cell ameba, a man, a planet, the Sun, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe can work out their destiny's.

And the Destiny and purpose of all is to evolve. Evolution can be defined as the continuous growth of consciousness.

A continuous upward spiraling of consciousness that pulls humanity, planets, suns, Solar systems, galaxies and Universes back into the Mind of God.

Without this understanding of the Divine Plan of the Creator God, how can the materialistic scientists understand the true meaning and energies behind the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics.

Oh they will be able to use their non-spiritual sciences to create MRI's, Cell Towers, Atomic Bombs, and massive methods of media communication.

But can anyone see how any of these inventions help mankind fulfill his destiny of consciousness raising?

On the contrary they impede him. They avert his attention from inner reality, where his soul exists, to his outer reality of sensual experiences.


They tear man away from the dictates of the past masters who tell us to, “Be still and know that WE are God.” and “The Kingdom of Heaven (Quantum Ocean) is within.”

Not only do all the chaotic frequencies that are filling the air waves disconcerting man's inner realms and cutting him off from the true source (the God Force), they are also disturbing the energies of the planet and the Heavens.

The Creator God in his divine wisdom, has moved our whole Solar System around the Galactic Sun and once again provided us with a new Age (Aquarius) and a new paradigm (Laws of Quantum Physics).

The wisdom of the Creator God, his divine blueprints, Nature and the Universe are quite simple. Simple to understand and simple in their function.

Only the materialistic intellect of man, who is now out of control, has complicated everything to the point where the masses are seeking out experts to tell them what and how they should think.

Quantum Physics and the God-force by passes the false matrices set up by these out of control intellects and presents it to you in a language that you can understand and use in your daily life.

Wake up! Come Ye Out From Amongst Them!






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