Man's mind is part of the Mind of God. It is infinite



The Mathematical Law of Probability disproves the theory of chance and chaos by which living nature on the planet Earth might have accidently created itself. It is so remote that it approaches zero. Life is not the product of chance happenings.

There is a creative essence, a conscious field encircling the Planet and interpenetrating all other fields to bring forth the right combination of quanta energy to produce life on the planet.

These conscious fields are contained in the Quantum Ocean and the creative essence of the Mind of God.

We must remember that the religion of Ancient Egypt, Newtonian Physics and Spiritual Quantum Physics are merely creations of the human mind abstracted out of the Mind of God.

Spiritual Quantum Physics is a tool for the salvation of mankind. It helps man understand the inner meanings of life by reconciling our intellectual knowledge with our direct conscious experiences.

A direct ‘mental experience’ is a state in which the vivid awareness of living through an event is coupled with a direct ‘intuitive understanding’ of the inner meaning of the event.

Many of our acquired intellectual beliefs and religious dogmas are direct barriers to our direct mental experiences.

It is time for us to lose all our hopes and fears and imaginary sufferings and learn how to just look at the world and the events in our lives without any pre-judgments caused by our beliefs and dogmas.

Just learn how to ‘look’ without any of the confusing ‘mental chatter’ of the world.

From Copernicus to Heisenberg look at all the intellectual structures science has erected. They are all torn down by now and replaced with others.

The intellect of man is nearing the limits of its possibilities. But the MIND of man remains an unexplored infinite world.

The Mind of each individual man is connected to the infinite Mind of God.