Create Your Own Reality
With the Magic of Your Mind


The new paradigm of the laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything we see and experience is created by “Mind Power.”

You, I, planet Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe are all being continuously created and sustained by the Mind Power of the Creator God.

We all 'blink out' of the the Mind of the Creator God. We are individual souls living, moving and having our being with this Mind of God and 'blink out' into physical incarnations.

The new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics now calls this Mind of God the Quantum Ocean.


As individual souls we also have a Mind which is a smaller piece of the infinite Mind of the Creator God. With our minds we have created our individual physical reality all around us.

Each soul creates their own physical reality, which they use to experience “life” in the NOW.

Everything around us, including our health, wealth, and happiness we haver either created or attracted to ourselves by our mental thoughts.

You now have the power through Quantum Mind Magic to re-create a physical reality, with more health, wealth and happiness.

Every morning when we awake we have 10 lbs. of mental energy to use.

Up to this point we have continuously used this mental energy to create our present health, wealth, happiness and physical reality all around us. It is time for a change. Change your thoughts and you change your life.

I am not suggesting goal setting or any strenuous use of discipline or will power. I am suggesting that you use the gift of the Creator God, your mind, easily and naturally the way you have been doing 24/7.


Simply sit in your favorite chair or lay still in bed when you first awake. Do this Quantum Mind Magic exercise in the morning. Pay yourself first with your own mental energy.

“In my father's house there are many mansions.”

Mentally build your own mansion. Have fun be adventurous, it is your life. It is your mind. It is your mental energy.

Build this mental mansion in your own mind. Do not be concerned about trying to manifest it on the physical plane.

This is your secret place. Your Mind.

What I do is mentally walk up to a large wooden door, open it, and enter a giant foyer, then proceed to my den/library.

This is my “mentalizing” room. I sit in my favorite chair in front of the fireplace and look at all the thousands of books on the shelves. I sip my coffee, which is always hot and ready. There are several doors in the room, leading to other rooms.

What a wonderful relaxing way to start my day. This is the way I like to begin my day. Have fun, be different. Be creative. Build your mansion and “mentalizing” room to suit yourself.

Now I pour my mental energy into what I love. I mentally go through the door labeled “Family”. It opens into a large garden. All the members of my family are sitting around a large table eating breakfast. They include my wife, my daughter, her husband, my grand son and grand daughter and even our little dog, Dixie is there wagging her tail in greeting.


I stay a while. Then I say goodbye and return to my den. I made mental contact in a loving, happy way and each member of my family will feel those energies as they go through their day.

I am a witter. So now I mentally enter the door labeled “Inner Writing Circle.” Again it opens into a garden. But a different one from the family garden. Being a Sagittarius I enjoy the outdoors.

In the garden are some of my favorite writers. They are walking around and chatting with each other.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sir Arther Conan Doyle, and Rudyard Kipling are just a few of my favorite writers. I chat with them all.

When I get back to my den, I know that this little visit has improved my writing skills and story telling.

Are you an artist? My wife, Lory is a wonderful water color artist. If you are, fill your mental garden, or what ever place pleases you, with your favorite artists. Ask questions, get advice.

Are you a musician? Have a place filled with great musical masters.

It is your mind. Your mental energy. You have been using it unconsciously all your life. You have been entering the Magical Mind Garden of “others” and giving them your valuable mental energy. Stop giving it away.

Stop wasting it on TV, politicians, religious leaders, doctors, college professors and extraterrestrials (they don't belong here any way.)


Build your own reality. And it all starts within your own mind.

Take an hour each morning and build your mental mansion. People it with those you love, admire and respect.

Don't worry about goals or physically manifesting anything out from your mental mansion. Just relax enjoy and build.

Expand your thinking and have bigger grander thoughts.

The Universe is under mental law. It is one room in my father's mansion and it is continually gowning and expanding.

Do the same in your corner of the Universe.

You are much more valuable and important than your can imagine.

One person's thoughts can change the energies of the whole world.





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