Marry Your Conscious and Subconscious Minds



Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is energy and that we are energy beings living, moving and having our being within an infinite energy being called the Mind of God.

We are also told that thoughts are things and we create our own individual realities with our thoughts.

Our minds are a small piece of the Mind of God. Our small minds are like drops of water in the ocean. Or to be more exact the Quantum Ocean which is the playing field the Mind of God has created for us.

With our minds and thoughts we co-create our individual realities just like the Mind of God creates this infinite reality all around us.

Man in his limited knowledge of how God creates has talked and written about three types of mind. They are subconscious, conscious and the super conscious. But in reality we only have one mind with three separate functions.

Our subconscious mind is the mind that automatically, without our conscious help, keeps us functioning as a living energy being. Such processes as breathing, digesting, cell growth, blood flow, seeing, hearing etc are carried on without our conscious interference.

Our subconscious mind keeps us alive and protected from everything that is harmful, painful or destructive.

It is our conscious mind which we use to observe and function within the ‘outside’ reality all around us that gets us into trouble. Our erroneous thoughts, actions and feelings send incorrect messages to our subconscious.

Our subconscious whose job it to keep us safe and healthy sends us back messages saying: Don’t do that! Don’t say that! Don’t feel that way!

If we don’t listen then it sends back stronger messages in the form of pain.

If we still don’t listen it causes us to have an accident, a fall, a broken leg of even a car accident. It wants our attention to tell us what we are doing wrong.

Finally as a last ditch effort it will attract someone into our life who has the same problem or issue that it is trying to tell us about. This way we can see in the mirror of our world, by their actions, what it is we are doing wrong.

Therefore it is true that we create our own pain, accidents, unhappiness and misfortunes.

The part of our mind called the subconscious is truly our best friend and our private watch dog. Learn to listen to it. Learn to be its friend. Consciously marry it.

Your super conscious mind is the part that you use to get to know God better through your meditations.