Laws of Quantum Physics Use Sympathetic Magic


The Age of Aquarius has given us the New paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics. These laws have torn off the lid of the box that contains the secrets of creation and the creator God.

Many of the seers, magicians, healers, medicine men and shamans of the past instinctively and intuitively knew about how the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics works.

They didn't use the new modern day terminology for these laws. But they knew the working principals.


They knew that magic was action at a distance and that they could use their minds to effect changes in people, places and events.

They all agreed that everything is alive in its own way. Trees, rocks, rivers, clouds etc.

And they used their minds and rituals to create a form of sympathetic magic between themselves and the objects of their rituals.

The new laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that everything in the Universe is connected by consciousness. That the human mind can effect people, places, events, animals and even the planet by using their minds.

It works on the same principle that our Native Americans use to effect and change reality. It is a modern day version of sympathetic magic.

The age of materialism that has crept over the world in the past 100 years has cut us off from our spiritual heritage.

It is within our Spiritual nature that we humans can seek the workings and principles of the lost art of sympathetic magic.

I was reintroduced to it by my friend Willie White feather, a Cherokee medicine man when I lived in Arizona.


He had an old beat up Toyota truck that never seemed to quit.

I had a 1978 Dodge pickup. One day when Willie and I were driving up to Four Corners (Hopi Land) in my truck it started to sputter and felt like it wanted to stall.

He saw the distress on my face and said “Ragnar, don't get angry or fearful. Just talk to the truck and make an oath of friendship with it.”

I looked at him not completely understanding.

He continued, “I made a friendship sacred pledge with my truck and now it never fails me. Everything is alive. Let your truck know that you know it is alive. Talk to it”

“Pull over,” he said.

I pulled the Dodge over to the side of the road and we both got out.

Willie took his medicine pouch (he always kept it with him on a leather thong around his neck) and sprinkled some blue corn meal around the truck. This was to make the ground sacred.

We stood in front of the truck and Willie said, “now give it a name and make a sacred friendship pact with it.”

“I am going to call him Willie,” I said.

He smiled.


I placed both hands on the hood. I began, “Willie my friend I know that you are alive in your own way. You are my friend and I make this sacred pledge to you. I will never junk you or give you away as long as I stay in Arizona/ I ask you to never break down or stall or fail to start anywhere I cannot get help. I will continue to fix you and replace your worn out parts for as long as we are together. This is my pledge to you.”

Willie nodded and we got back into the truck. It started right up and we drove all the way to Four Corners, the motor humming perfectly and smoothly.

I kept Willie for 18 years. He was and old friend and many of his part were worn (like mine).

But he never failed to get me home or to where I was going. He never once stopped in the middle of the vastness of the Southwest desert or mountains.

Whenever some part gave out he warned me. He would get me home and then in the morning he would not start till I found the problem. He always let me know when he needed help.

Or he would give out at a gas station garage after I filled it up. The mechanic on duty was always friendly and helpful.

Once I took a long trip to Baker, Nevada. I had to pass through Las Vegas. The negative vibrations in that city we so bad that I did not even stop for gas. I knew I needed gas but I refused to stop.


I drove straight on through and started up out of the desert into the mountains.

Half way up the mountain I could see that the gas needle was on empty. Willie started to sputter. I spoke to him and told him “not here.”

It was night time and a lite snow was falling.

We sputtered for another 3-4 miles and finally reached the crest. It was all down hill from there. I put Willie in neutral and started down. The motor went silent and I coasted with my foot on the brake.

A few miles down the mountain side a small gas station, nestled in on the right side of the road appeared.

I coasted in and stopped in front of the single pump. It was 3 AM. It was closed so I curled up on the seat and went to sleep.

A slight tapping on the window woke me. It was the owner. I filled Willie up and we continued to Baker.


I also took Willie cross country to New York twice. Once pulling my Jeep. It was over 7000 total miles and I was never fearful or even considered the fact that I might not make it in a 1978 Dodge pickup.

I have more stories about me and Willie but that is enough to get my message across.

Yes, the New paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics has reopened the way to magic. It is one of the tools or gifts from the Creator God. Magic is ours. It does not belong only to Native American shamans, and medicine men. Learn to use it. Talk to your truck and car. Befriend it!