Pythagoras knew about Quantum-Physics


I call my websites and writings, “Spiritual Quantum Physics,” for a reason.

Reality all around us is not physical. It is energy. We are not physical. We are souls, energy beings or spirits.

Therefore, the passage of our Solar System around our Galactic Sun has entered us into a new energy realm. The Age of Aquarius, the Age of Energy and the Mind.

The new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics is an energy paradigm.

The whole physical Universe is no more than an energy projection created by the collective minds of Humanity.

Humanity is the sum total of all the individual Souls who have 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

The purpose of humanity, as well as that of each individual soul, is to raise their vibrations, their level of consciousness. We have no other purpose!


We are energy beings living in a physical body of our own making. We vibrate. It is our vibrations and our level of being (rate of vibration) that attracts our physical reality to us.

The ancient seers, mystics, prophets and alchemists knew that all is energy and that we all vibrate at different frequencies.

They have tried to teach mankind the Laws of true Alchemy, which is really a science of raising vibrations.

But never more than 5% of humanity at one time was ever interested enough to listen.

Today, with the gods of materialism and technology running rampant on the planet, the percentage of interested humans is probably reduced to less than 1%. It should be at least 5% to be stable.

This is the single most important reason that the world is in such dire straights.


It is those 5% of enlightened individuals who produce a higher rate of vibration, through alchemy, that keeps humanity from sinking deeper into bestiality.

This 5% acts like yeast in bread, which causes the bread to rise.

According to Pythagoras ( an ancient alchemist, as well as a philosopher), “real man is essentially a divine, spiritual being. An emulation of the Universes causeless cause (Quantum Physics, Mind of God.) Man is an individualized ray of the Universal cosmic spirit which men call God. An immortal soul trying to express through a mortal body.”

They knew and tried to tell us. Why don't we listen?

Pythagoras gave us a very powerful alchemical symbol to meditate upon.

It is the Holy Teitracytys. It is a triangular array of points. The first row has one point; the second row two points; third row three points; fourth row four points. For a total of ten points.

No matter which way you turn this triangular alchemical symbol, it always looks the same.

It is a very powerful symbol and needs no words to explain it.

By just meditating and contemplating it, you will raise your vibrations, and this in turn raises your level of consciousness.

Ten to fifteen minutes a day will start the alchemical reaction within you.

It is a sacred form; a symmetrical form, a beautiful form!

Forms are the visible parts of God's Nature made manifest. An ugly form, not only is a sacrilege against Nature, but it also emits chaotic rays that detune us to harmony and destroy, in various degrees, everything all around it.

The horror movies and the TV programs can be ugly, harmful and un-natural.

Practice true spiritual alchemy. Use Pythagoras's alchemy. Use Pythagoras's Holy Tettractys and turn the TV off.

Above all else encourage your children to do the same and protect them from harmful and ugly vibrations coming from the TV. Protect them from possible “possession.”