The Age of "I Believe" is Dead


Spiritual Quantum Physics

“I Believe” Versus “I Know”

One of the most powerful differences between the two Ages, Age of Pisces which just past, and the Age of Aquarius which is just beginning can be summed up in two words: BELIEF Vs KNOW.

The prevailing energy inundating the planet Earth from our Galactic Sun during the Age of Pisces was energy called “I Believe.”

Humanity, at that level of consciousness, chose to believe what anyone else said was true. They chose not to search and dig out the answers for themselves.

They put all their faith and trust in the 'experts', the 'professionals' and those who took the time and efforts to dig out an answer.


When they were ill they went to doctors, medicine men, shamans, healers and quacks to get healed.

They believed what they were told about their illness and their causes. They allowed themselves to be sliced and diced on the operating tables.

Pumped full of noxious, harmful radiations and chemicals. And paid exorbitant fees to be 'cured'.

They went to churches, synagogues, moscks and temples and believed everything that the priests, rabbis and mullahs told them. They believed that what they were told were true revelations from God spoken to a chosen few.

They believed that if they obeyed what the priests, rabbis and mullahs said they would go to heaven. If not hell.

They trusted and believed that the smooth talkers and lawyers would make the best politicians, so they voted for them.

They believed that if they kept paying higher and higher taxes making the politicians richer than their life would get better.

They believed what the politicians told them about their “enemies” and went to war. Millions of young men and women died because the smooth talkers, politicians and munition manufacturers told them they were doing it to save 'democracy'

But not one of the who went to a doctor for a cure, or a priest for help understanding God, nor voted for a politician actually KNOWS what they were telling them is true or not.

They never checked. They never took the time nor trouble to seek out the answers for themselves. They were content “to believe” what others told them.


That is why the past 2000 years is called The Age of I believe.

And that is all well and good for it is part f the evolutionary process of that humanity had to go through. A 2000 year Galactic cycle of “I Believe”.

But we have left the “I Believe” energy field of the Galaxy and have moved into the Galactic energy field called “I Know”, the Age of Aquarius. The new paradigm for the Age of Aquarius is Spiritual Quantum Physics.

Spiritual Quantum Physics gives man the key to the building block that show him how to co-create along with the Creator God.

The doors in the Quantum Ocean and the Mind of God are wide open. Everything that wise, is or will be is there to see. Man can now seek the answers to healing himself in the Quantum Ocean and KNOW that they are true.

Man can now seek God in the Quantum ocean and find out that he lives, moves and has his being within the Mind of God.

Man can follow the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics and govern his own life and have no need for politicians, lawyers and generals.

Man for the first time will KNOW what is true and have no need to believe any middle man from the Age of Pisces, who stand between him and the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.