Age of Aquarius and
Spiritual Quantum Physics is here


Spiritual Quantum Physics

and the Death of Pisces

You may be wondering why I keep hammering about the Spiritual Law of Quantum Physics.

Well, we are definitely in an end time. Not a time of total destruction or cataclysmic volcanoes or earthquakes but a time that will completely change the way the world creates its reality.

The 2000 year cycles that the movement of our Solar System around our Galactic Sun brings extreme changes. The full scope of these changes may take 200-300 years to fully manifest.

Look at the changes Ancient Rome went through went we moved from Aries to Pisces.

Look at Greece when we moved from Taurus to Aries and Egypt when we moved from Gemini to Taurus.

What is going to happen in the next 200 years is that all the institutions and structures that were powered by the Sun in Pisces will crumble.

You can see the crumbliness already in the way the formal religions are struggling. Big business, banks, large armies, corporations, governments and politics all products of the Piscean Age will crumble.

Visualize our whole Solar System orbiting around the Galactic Sun and a very large energy cord extending from our earth to this 30 degree arc called Pisces. This is where our Earth gets its energy. It is what keeps the Piscean reality we see all around us in place. It is the matrix that the movie talks about.

Now visualize that the whole solar system has moved on to a new 30 degree arc called the Aquarian arc. This is where the new energy will come from.Quantum-Pisces-Death

The plug has been pulled from the Piscean arc and it just starting to get plugged into its new Aquarian socket.

It is very much like pulling the power plug out of the bedroom and plugging it into the living room. Nothing in the bedroom will work any more.

I am trying very hard to paint you a picture of what reality is all about. It is about energy. Without energy nothing works. You die without energy. The energy reality we live in now is the Piscean matrix. It is dying. We need people to start to help build the Aquarian matrix.

There is a divine time table that controls the movement of our solar system around our Galactic Sun.

This is a movement to cause change for the better for mankind. But mankind must understand this first. He must know who he is, where he came from and where is he going.

He is an individual soul made of energy. He has 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. He uses life to raise his level of consciousness and 'blinks back' into the mind of god. He does this for many incarnations.Those who understand this and follow the new paradigm for the new age, the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics, will be as safe as if they are in God's little pocket.Quantum-Pisces-Death

Those who ignore all warnings and go along with their Piscean mentality will be rudely awakened.

I am not trying to scare anyone. I am just trying to tell you that you must change! The only constant in the whole universe is change!

We don't need everyone to change. That is impossible. We only need 5% of the people to work on raising their consciousness. This is a LAW that must be maintained. The rest can go on their merry way.

From Quantum-Pisces-Death