God is the one word that causes more wars
than any other word


The word ‘God’ has caused more wars, more pain, more suffering than any other word uttered by mankind.

The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, the Jewish-Arab conflict, the Muslim-Christian conflict, the Catholic-Protestant conflict just to name a few.

The problem lies in the fact that nobody really knows what a God is or how it functions.

Every man made religion has such a limited and narrow concept of what a God is. ‘My God is better than your God.’ ‘My God is the only God.’

The Age of Aquarius with its Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is ENERGY. Therefore to truly understand what God or any God is we must define a God in energy terms.

“A God is the next higher ordering force.” At the smallest level a man is a God to a dog because he orders its life.


Now let’s look at the highest level. There is no way with our finite minds that we can truly understand what or who God is. We can only understand by studying his highest physical manifestation.

At the highest level of abstraction we have the Creator God, an infinite energy being, the Prime Mover, and the Grand Architect of the Universe.

The Universe is the highest level of manifested energy we know. Within it are billions of Galaxies all created by the energies within the Universe.

The Universe is God to the billions of Galaxies. Within the energies of each Galaxy and created by the energy of each Galaxy are billions of Solar Systems.

The Galaxy is the God to the billions of Solar Systems.

Within each Solar System is a Sun. It is the energy from the Sun that creates the planets. The Sun is the God of the planets.

Many of the ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun. Modern man in his arrogance, ego and ignorance demonizes these Sun worshiping religions. They believe that they may (or may not) have sacrificed one human life a year to their Sun God.

How many millions of men and women were sacrificed in the past 2000 years in the religious wars? How many were sacrificed to Jesus, Moses or Allah?

Let’s get back to the Ray of Creation. The Sun is God to the planets and to that thin layer of organics life that lives on the surface of the Earth. We could not exist for one day without the energies of the Sun.

Let us review:

The energy of the Creator God created the Universe and is God over its creation and all lesser creations.

The Universe is the creator of the billions of Galaxies and is God over its creation and all lesser creations.

The Galaxy is the creator of the billions of Solar Systems and is god over its creations and all lesser creations.

The Sun is the creator of its planets and all lesser creations. Mankind included.

Understand Gods are energies and they are not anthropomorphic.

Man is a unique energy being for he is given the power to become a God or a higher ordering force and move up the Ray of Creation.

Remember the Spiritual Quantum Physics definition of ‘God’. “A God is the next higher ordering force.”

How can anyone on the planet Earth think that Jesus, Moses or Allah, etc were Gods. They have not brought order to mankind on the planet.


They were highly developed humans working their way up the Ray of Creation. Their message to the world was: “I did it this way. You can do it also.” Not “I did it for you.”

It was those who followed behind who tried to make Gods out of them for their own selfish purposes. They are the ones who caused all the wars and the deaths and the chaos we see in the world today. And they are still doing it in the name of God (and oil).

Each of us is a soul that lives and moves and has our being within the soul of the Creator God. We exist as energy beings on the lowest ladder in the Ray of Creation, the planet earth.

“One by one we are born, one by one we evolve (or don’t) and one by one we die to be reborn again.