A Field of Consciousness Surrounds the Earth



The physical universe is seemingly separate from your mind. But it is not! Since the evolution of consciousness is the dominant purpose of life on this planet might not the “world soul”, which surrounds our planet be part of an evolutionary process carried out elsewhere in the universe? Part of something bigger?

Could it be that human beings on this planet will eventually evolve to populate new planets of their own with their own world soul (create their own quantum ocean)?

Mind is a field. The ocean of mind is like a great “over soul” enveloping this planet as a special field. It has a special structure vastly more complex than anything known to physics.

Our physical body is a functional unity formed by billions of diversified individual cells. The “over soul” is a functional whole formed by billions of individual lesser fields or souls.

Let us imagine that the ordinary electromagnetic field which surrounds the Earth, and which makes radio and TV possible is possessed of the quality called “intelligence.” This field acts as a controller of all organisms on the planet.

Man has a built in automatic feed-back control system. The human brain takes in data through the five senses from the outside world. It is ‘analog computer’ that selects this data and it then adjusts the chemistry of the body to meet the situation imposed from the outside world.

This automatic feedback control system takes the consciousness of man or part of the mind of man out of the business of “housekeeping.” It frees it up to become an instrument of the highest form of consciousness. This is called evolution!

To build a man-made mechanical machine like our minds, with its ten thousand million cells you would need a factory of a million square feet; a billion dollars and the power of half a million watts.

The miracle machine inside your skull runs on only 25 watts and needs no maintenance.